Monday, August 29, 2016

Just some thoughts...

People... The new school year is slowly coming upon us. (For some, it's already started.) What shall we do? I can't believe it's already so near! It feels like just yesterday we were looking forward to last year's school year!

Just think, we only have four more months in this year left. *Jaw drops* It's mind blowing!
But! I am determined to enjoy every moment while it's here.

We went to the State Fair the other day! I've always loved the fair... but, Oh Boy! There were a LOT of people! It seemed busier than ever the day we went!  But still, we went and had a great time! Ate a lot of fried food, walked until we couldn't walk anymore... The usual!
 Does anyone else have a tradition of going to the Fair every year? I'd like to know!

Just a question... Am I the only one who thinks this weather has been strange? One day it feels like it barely hits 50, and the next day it feels like someone dumped  a truckload of water into the air and turned on a heater!☺

 Anyways, I just had to bore you with that little spur of randomness. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things... Blog wise.☺

Oh! If you have a minute to listen to this song... Do! It's amazing! 

Until Next Time,