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                                                   Hey There! Welcome to my blog!

     So... I guess this is the place where I tell you all about myself and all of my infatuations. Right?

   Firstly, I love Jesus. If there was only one thing I could say to identify myself, it would be just that.
I strive to be more like Him each day...  I also fail to be more like Him each day. *sigh*
 But! He has graciously forgiven my every sin, and He has put them all to death by His death on the cross and marvelous Resurrection.

    I've been homeschooled my whole life -yes, it is possible to start learning when you're a baby- by the bestest parents in the universe!

   I love music. Always have... Always will. I play a few different instruments. Piano, Guitar, Tambourine, Violin (a little), Ukulele... And... Yeah!
My favorite musical artist is... Ha! Who am I kidding! You can't only have one. Contemporary Christian is my main jam, but I'm always finding a new favorite song or artist. Here are some of my favorite artists at the moment - Flame - NF - Twenty One Pilots - Rend Collective - We Are Messengers - I Am They - NEEDTOBREATHE - Lauv - Owl City - Anthem Lights - and Hillsong Worship.

    I enjoy photography. A LOT! I just love being able to capture God's beautiful creation through the lens of a camera. Though it doesn't really compare... But still! Maybe someday I'll become a professional photographer... Who knows?!

     I like to experiment with DIYs, so you might see a post or two about me failing at a super easy project. Stay tuned!😜

     I like to read... I'll read pretty much anything that is encouraging, has action, has a good story line, has a handsome Prince, ... aaand keeps me interested! I would definitely recommend any books that Chuck Black has written. Especially his latest trilogy, "Wars of the Realm." Seriously worth reading!

    I recently found out that crocheting is a really great way to keep your hands busy if you're doing random stuff where you have to sit still.

     I also like to cook and bake, so don't be surprised if I share a few recipes.

Quick side note... I am extremely patriotic... So, if you hate America, most likely you've lived here your whole life and have enjoyed many of America's freedoms. So why not move to another country for a week... then we'll talk.😉

Oh! And randomy talking in depth about leaves and carpet are an occupational hazard. You've been warned!

Aaaaannndd! Yes! That about sums me up in one page... (if you can sum me up in one page.)

So! There's a whole page about me for your enjoyment... or for your displeasure... Your choice!

Have a look around and let me know what you think! Comments are always welcome. I hope you enjoy my blog!
Makayla ♥

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