Favorite Books

These are the books that I have found to be amazing, encouraging, and just plain adventurous!

  - The Bible (Greatest story ever told. Come on people.)

  - Cloak of the Light ~by Chuck Black

  - Rise of the Fallen ~by Chuck Black

  -Light of the Last ~by Chuck Black

  -The False Prince ~by Jennifer A. Neilsen

 -The Runaway King ~by Jennifer A. Neilsen 

 -The Shadow Throne ~by Jennifer A. Neilsen

 -Ella Enchanted ~by Gail Carson Levine

-Keeper of the Lost Cities ~by Shannon Messenger

-Keeper of the Lost Cities- Exile  ~by Shannon Messenger

-Keeper of the Lost Cities- Everblaze ~by Shannon Messenger

-Keeper of the Lost Cities- Neverseen ~by Shannon Messenger

-Keeper of the Lost Cities- LODESTAR ~by Shannon Messenger

-Fairest ~by Gail Carson Levine

-Lady Carliss, and The Waters of Moorue ~by Chuck Black

-Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart ~by Chuck Black

-The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe ~by C.S. Lewis

-The Me I Want To Be ~John Ortberg

-I Dared to Call Him Father ~by Bilquis Sheikh

-Michael Vey -Prisoner of Cell 25- ~by Richard Paul Evans

-The Shadow Children Series ~by Margaret Peterson Haddix

-Ranger's Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan ~John Flanagan

See any of your favorites on the list? Let me know! (We can start a fandom together.) Lol!☺


  1. You know, you could say, "Wars of the Realm Trilogy," there. Just saying.

  2. True! But they were all just SO good I couldn't just put a review on them as a whole. ☺

  3. Hey Makayla, love the book reviews! I used to read the Kingdom series books and I'm thinking I should get back into the series now that your post reminded me... :D

    1. Yes! They are amazing! I would have to say that Chuck Black's latest trilogy is by far the best though. ☺


  4. We have the same list! Awesome blog girl :).

  5. Aww! Thanks Aleia! So glad you like! ;)


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