Monday, December 28, 2015

DIY Phone Case

Hey Guys!
So, the other day my sister brought me her phone case and asked me if I could draw a design on it.
 It was just a plain, silver case for an iPhone 3.
I had recently discovered that Sharpies were actually a good tool to use when drawing on plastics because they're permanent, and if you get the right kind, are very colorful!
So, I decided to experiment with this.

Turns out, this was a Fabulous idea! You can do all sorts of designs. Like the one below....

Or... If you're feeling extra artsy... (like me at the time) You can do something a little more detailed!
Here's how mine turned out...

Anyway! (Of course I discovered this after Christmas) This makes a great gift idea!
Although, I would say that this would work best on a non-slippery surface. Sometimes if you don't let it dry long enough, (or if the case gets a lot of use) the marker starts to wear off. Also, this does NOT  work on gel cases... Sad! The marker just rubs right off.

I also discovered that you can draw on headphones, earbuds, and a boatload of other things that are made out of plastic.  

So, there you go! My first DIY! Whoop! *Fist Pump* (Although, this wasn't the most difficult thing to figure out on your own.) :p

Anyways! I hope your day is wonderful and filled with sparkles... or... never mind! :)



  1. Spelled "fist bump" wrong you spelled it (pump).
    other wise awesome! :D

    1. Haha! Nope... That was actually intentional. :)

      Btw... thanks for commenting.

  2. Thank girl for the awesome new phone case much needed!!!
    Your amazing!!!


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