Sunday, June 5, 2016

Weeelll... ?

Okay! What do you think? I was really wishy washy about the whole look for a while there... But! I've decided that I officially like! I put up a few new pages and other stuff, so please have a look around. ☺

I have also decided that I am officially The. Worst. Blogger. Ever.
I'm so bad... I've even had a few friends telling me that I have deadlines for when the next post should be up... (They're joking of course.)
Every time I haven't posted for a while I try to think of an excuse for not blogging... the only problem is that I really don't seem to have excuses that sound good enough... They just sound downright lame! Most of them have something to do with time and how life is just busy... but that seems pretty basic... So, you can just conjure up your own story for why I've been dormant for a while... it will probably be more interesting.

Anyway! Spring has finally arrived! I'm so excited for this season. My favorite season is Autumn but Spring is a close second.

I love being able to see the grass turn green, and the trees get buds on their branches.

Also, we are nearing the end of another school year... which means I get to work double time! Whoop! (although this means even less free time... *sigh* Oh Weeell....)

We went to a wedding yesterday... and I met the cutest little girls! Just sayin'... They were adorable!
I am officially going to ask their mother to give me legal guardianship over them. Think she would? (I'm thinking probably not...) ☺

Anyways! I hope you are a having a wonderful Sunday evening!

Ta Ta for now!
Makayla ♥


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